Top 4 Best IKEA Pillows for Blissful Night’s Sleep to Buy this Year 2023

IKEA is a kind of brand where you will get different types of home accessories products. Most people know the brand because of its quality of furniture. But when you want to decorate the furniture, you need to use a good quality pillow. The good thing is, IKEA makes topnotch pillows.

If you are new to IKEA pillows, finding the best one could be a bit tricky. As each of the pillows comes with distinct features and filler, you won’t get the best option easily. Here we are going to review the best IKEA pillows that you can buy without worrying about the quality.

Why Should You Buy IKEA Pillows?

It is not surprising that people often ask why would they buy pillows from IKEA as the brand is most reputed for furniture. Well, the brand produces great quality pillows that are comfortable and long-lasting. At the same time, it is easy to find a variety of styles from the brand.

The brand offers pillows for back pain, neck pain, and similar health issues. However, even if you don’t have any kind of pain in the body, the pillows would be great. You will at least prevent future issues regarding body aches.

Top 4 Best IKEA Pillows for 2023

After checking tons of pillows from IKEA, we finally picked the top 4. Read the individual reviews for each pillow and get the best one for you.

#1. IKEA Hampdan Pillow Softer 602.697.50 Size: King

If you are looking for the best pillow that provides complete support for the head and neck, we do recommend this item from IKEA. Unlike traditional sleeping pillows, this item won’t lose its firmness over time. No matter how bigger a person is, the pillow can accommodate the head and neck to make the user comfortable. It is the perfect choice to bring a better look to the bedroom.

After getting this pillow, the first thing you will notice is its bigger size. While most sleeping pillows are smaller in size, this one features king size. It has a 36″L x 20″W dimension. So, when sleeping or taking a nap, it makes the user comfortable. Regardless of the type of sleeping style, you would find it comfortable.

The pillow features poly filler to give it enough firmness. You might be wondering how poly filler is better than the traditional cotton filler. Well, with traditional filler for pillows, you will see the pillow has gone narrow over time. So, after a few months, the firmness will go away. On the other hand, this item from IKEA comes with the top quality poly filler material as the filler. It doesn’t lose its firmness over time.

The best thing about this item is its support for the neck and shoulder. In this era of modern technology, most people used to work by sitting at a desk. This causes major pain in the neck. But with this IKEA pillow, while you are sleeping, you will find the most comfortable position. It holds the head and shoulder like a feather. Whether you want to prevent neck pain or want to get relief of pain, go for this pillow.

The top of the pillow comes with a removable casing. So, whenever it needs to clean the pillow, simply remove the cover and machine wash it. It won’t take much effort to keep the pillow clean. At the same time, the stitching on the pillow is well-finished. You can expect to have longer life from this pillow compared to ordinary pillows.


  • Super comfy material
  • Doesn’t take much hassle to clean
  • Well finished and durable casing for longevity
  • Poly filler material for more firmness


  • Doesn’t offer size variations

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#2. IKEA Hampdan Pillow Firmer 202.697.47 King

When it is sleeping time, do you want to get a big pillow under your head? Looking for the best IKEA pillow that suits your king-size bed? If the answers are yes, just go for this pillow from IKEA. Unlike the traditional pillows for a king-size bed, this item features top-quality materials. Whether you want to decorate the bed or want to use it for regular purposes, you will get the same service.

The total dimension of the pillow is 36″x20″. No matter how big you are, you are going to find this pillow as the perfect option. The larger size helps to keep the body in the right posture while sleeping on the bed. It holds the head, neck, and shoulder in the right way. Also, regardless of the sleeping style, it provides complete support.

If you have some sort of chronic pain and don’t know what is the best solution, try out this IKEA pillow, which will surely give relief from pain. Also, if you don’t want to catch some kind of neck pain in the near future, replace the old sleeping pillow with this one.

Most pillows in the market come with conventional filler, which used to lose firmness over time. But this IKEA pillow features a poly filler material. Once you start using the pillow, you will realize the difference between ordinary pillows and this one. It won’t lose its firmness just because the pillow is getting old. Though it is a good practice to replace the pillow every six months, with this pillow, you can go for a year without any issues.

The extra firmness of the pillow helps to adjust the thickness with the shoulder height. For example, if you are a side sleeper, the pillow needs to have a thickness that matches with the gap between the shoulder and neck. The poly filler material adjusts according to the sleeping position and ensures the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Enjoy the firmness and the durability of the pillow. Once you get it on your hand, check out the overall construction. You will be happy with the quality and the comfort for sure.


  • The larger size to fit everyone
  • Highly comfortable with comfortable filler
  • The firmness lasts longer
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers


  • Larger size takes most space on the bed

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#3. Ikea Jordrok Pillow Duck Fill (Queen) 20 X 30″ Softer Support


When buying a new pillow, most people make a common mistake by choosing it only based on the quality. You need to remember the sleeping style as well. For example, if you like to sleep on your back, the thickness of the pillow needs to be moderate. Too much thickness can cause issues to the neck and shoulders. This IKEA pillow is for those who like to sleep on a softer pillow.

The pillow is quite large and best suits for a king size bed. Before you order this product, make sure that you are okay with the size. The benefit of this larger size is, it accommodates the users comfortably. Whether taking a power nap or sleeping on the pillow, it will feel comfortable.

Traditional pillows used to come only with cotton material. But this one features both cotton and feathers. The good thing is, a majority portion of the filler is made of feathers. So, you will enjoy the extra softness and coziness while using it. The benefit of this extra softness is, you will fall asleep very fast after a busy day.

As mentioned earlier, the pillow may look a bit thin at the first impression. But don’t get confused about it. It is basically designed for people who like to sleep on such thin pillows. Especially, people who have neck pain and sleep on their back will find it convenient. The firmness is just perfect and it doesn’t go away over time. It maintains the right alignment for the shoulder, neck, and head. You can prevent back pain or neck pain with this pillow.

It is relatively easy to maintain this IKEA pillow. There won’t be a need for much care for it. It is covered with a well-finished and durable casing. When the pillow looks dirty, simply remove it from the pillow and give it a good wash. There is no need to be worried about cleaning and washing. It is machine washable to save effort.

The feather material removes the moisture easily. That’s why regardless of the weather condition, it will provide the best support to the user. Considering all the features, it is the  best IKEA pillow for neck pain


  • Highly durable pillow cover
  • Removable and machine washable
  • Best suits for back sleepers
  • It remains dry and cool


  • A bit extra-large that needs more space

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#4. IKEA RÖLLEKA Memory Foam Sleep Pillow with Protective Zippered Cover 13 x 20


Did your doctor recommend sleeping on a memory foam pillow? Well, you won’t find many brands in the market that offer memory foam material as the filler. But you will enjoy that with this IKEA pillow. However, it is suitable for ordinary people as well. It is the best IKEA pillow for stomach sleepers

The first thing you are going to like about this item is its larger size. It is not that average-sized pillow that doesn’t fit all. Rather, it comes in the size that fits anyone. Though the larger size will take more space on the bed, it is actually worth it. The extra size makes it easy to roll the head and change sleeping positions whenever you want.

The next biggest thing is the memory foam. As mentioned earlier, it is hard to find a pillow that comes with memory foam. But with this one, you not only get the memory foam, but you also get the best support. The memory foam material is going to make the user comfortable instantly. So, it will be beneficial while sleep doesn’t come.

The pillow adapts the user’s sleeping style, which is a unique feature. In general, people used to find a pillow that matches their requirements. But with this IKEA pillow, the pillow changes its shape with the user’s sleeping style. It means, if someone sleeps on his back, the pillow will get the shape that fits best. Similarly, it changes the shape of side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

It provides complete support and the unique design allows users to carry it wherever they want. It is so handy that it even fits into a car. Also, try it on the patio chairs or any other outdoor furniture so that you can take a nap with it.

The memory foam material is highly durable and long-lasting. So, there won’t be any issues for anyone. You can assume to get the best service from this pillow for years.


  • The top-quality memory foam material
  • Changes the shape based on sleeping style
  • The larger size to fit anyone
  • Ideal to use if someone has neck pain


  • It has a bit of extra thickness that everyone doesn’t like

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Final Words

From this list of best IKEA pillows, pick the best one that matches your requirements. As we have sorted out the above products from IKEA pillows, you can expect to get the very best from each pillow. Just remember to consider your sleeping style and the type of bed before ordering any of the pillows.

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