Best Pillows for Watching TV in Bed for 2023

Lots of people love to watch TV while lying or sitting on the bed. But this habit can cause some serious health issues if there is not enough support for the back. A good supporting pillow can solve the issue.

But what are the best pillows for watching TV in bed? Well, it is hard to mention a single product as the best. There are so many products in the market that are quite popular. But if you are trying to pick one, it becomes confusing.

Considering this fact, we have narrowed down the list and chosen the top 5. From the below list, you can choose any of the pillows that you liked most.

Why Should You Use Pillows for Watching TV in Bed?

Do you know that almost 80% of the USA citizens struggle with back pain in their life? In most cases, it happens because of bad posture. If you are watching TV in bed and there is no supporting pillow, there is a good chance that the posture is wrong. It can cause chronic back pain. But a supportive pillow helps to maintain the right posture.

It won’t cost you much to get the best pillow for watching TV in bed, the benefit is worth thousands of dollars.

List of Top 5 Pillows to Watch TV In Bed

After checking out tons of pillows that are designed to watch TV in bed, we finally have picked the top 5. Here we are going to review each one so that you know which one would be best for you.


1. Clara Clark Reading Pillow, Small Bed Rest Pillow with Arms for Kids & Young Adults

If you’re looking for something versatile at an affordable price, then we do recommend this pillow to watch TV in bed. Why are we calling this pillow versatile? because it suits both young kids and adults. However, you can’t judge the quality based on its price. Despite being a low price product it features all the advanced things that will make you comfortable while watching TV in bed.

Once you receive the pillow, the first thing you will like is its handy design. It is a highly portable pillow for a bed that is easy to carry for anything. There is a separate strap on the top to carry the pillow from one place to another. This even allows you to carry it while going to an outdoor event. The cover used in the pillow also looks great. It looks luxurious and ensures additional comfort.

This pillow is suitable for watching TV in the lying sitting position. It features arms with back support. So, the user can have the maximum support for the upper body. The back is thick enough and bounces back when weight is given. This makes it comfortable to stay in the same position for a long time without getting any discomfort.

To ensure maximum comfort for the users, it comes with a microfiber filler. This is so comfy that you may even fall asleep while watching TV at night. The arms and the back – both positions are designed with thick microfiber filler. It holds the neck and head comfortably and distributes the weight to maintain the proper balance. Neck pain or shoulder pain won’t happen again.

While watching TV, you might want to keep some essential stuff near you. Considering this fact, this pillow features two pockets. These pockets are very convenient to store the remote, cell phone, keys, magazines, books, etc. It becomes handy to access the stuff when needed.

The pillow is detachable from the cover. If the cover gets too dirty and needs to be cleaned, just remove the cover. Don’t worry while drinking tea or coffee while watching your favorite TV show. Even if drinks spill on the cover, you can easily remove the stain by washing the fabric in a washing machine.


  • Price is comparatively low
  • Comes with additional pocket storages
  • Comfortable arms to get comfortable for long sessions
  • Comfy and pain reliever with memory foam inside
  • Easy to clean detachable pillow cover


  • Doesn’t come with a separate headrest


2. Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Support Arms

Looking for the best pillows for watching TV in bed and has a moderate budget range? Then we recommend this pillow from Vekkia. Unlike some cheap products, it won’t lose the original shape and bouncy feeling early. The pillow is designed to suit anyone regardless of height and weight.

Compared to the first one on this list, this pillow is a bit expensive. If you are wondering what causes the extra price, it actually feels classy and luxurious. The velvet cover on the pillow gives it a stunning look that matches any home décor. The cover is detachable with a zipper.

The first thing you are going to notice in this pillow is its thickness and firmness. While different pillows just look soft and fluffy, in reality, only a few of them have the capability to balance the body. But this one has overcome the issue. It comes with very soft and comfortable memory foam inside. The memory foam design makes sure that the weight is well distributed when lying on the pillow. As a result, neck pain or similar pain won’t happen even if I lie for hours.

Worried about the right kind of firmness in the pillow? Well, it happens sometimes that someone has bought a new pillow and ended up with discomfort. It mostly happens because of the amount of foam inside. But guess what? With this pillow, Vekkia is offering extra 200gm foam. If the pillow feels like it has less firmness, just add the extra foam. Similarly, if it feels too tight inside, just open the zipper and remove some foam.

Beside the back support, the pillow features an armrest. While the user is in the lying sitting position, these arms will make him/her comfortable. The arms come with the same filler as the back. So, whether reading some books in the bed or watching television, you will be in the most comfortable position.

For storage, the pillow features two pockets on two arms. Store the TV remote if needed, or store books, magazines, etc. for fast access next time. Cleaning and maintenance for the pillow are not a big issue. As the cover is detachable, just remove it when it is too dirty and give it a good wash.


  • Versatile design to use for reading, watching TV, and more
  • Comes with memory foam inside the ensure optimum comfort
  • Free extra foam to customize the firmness of the pillow
  • Features a removable velvet cover for easy cleaning
  • Arm pockets for additional storage


  • A bit pricey compared to the first one


3. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow – Bed Rest Pillows with Armrests

If you have a good budget and are looking for the best pillows for watching TV in bed, check out this product. Unlike most common pillows for TV watching in bed, this one comes with neck support. It is the most versatile product on our list. Whether you are watching TV in bed, reading books on the floor, or doing any similar activities, it will provide complete support to be comfortable.

Whether you are just a beginner with such kinds of pillows or looking for a better alternative, go for it. The pillow is super portable that accommodates within a narrow space. As a result, you can install the pillow on the sofa, bed, or even floor. Regardless of the installation area, it fits perfectly. Also, there is a strap on top to carry the pillow from one place to another.

Instead of the typical memory foam filler, it features 100% cotton filler for extra comfort. The benefit of the cotton filler is; it feels comfortable in all weather. As mentioned earlier, besides the back support, it comes with a neck roll pillow attachment. The neck roll support features premium cluster ball fiber to give relief from chronic pain. It actually provides complete support for the whole body.

While watching TV from bed, finding a comfortable position to place the hands is mandatory. But don’t be worried. This pillow features armrests with comfortable cotton filler. Just place both of your hands and be comfortable. However, there are no pockets to store additional things.

The pillow comes with a velvet cover to give it a luxurious look. Also, you will have color options on the product page. Choose from a wide range of colors according to the home décor. Each of the colors has the same type of fabric. So, there is nothing to be worried about.

The pillow is quite durable and retains firmness for a long time without any issues. Unlike cheap fillers, its premium filler gets more fluffiness. Cleaning and maintenance of the pillow won’t take much effort. If the cover looks too dirty, just remove it and throw it in the washing machine. Other than that, the finish for the pillow is quite impressive and ensures a longer life.


  • High-end cotton filler for skin-friendliness
  • Zipper setting in the bottom to adjust the firmness
  • Available in different colors
  • Complete support for the upper body
  • Neck roll pillow attachment to relieve pain


  • It is comparatively expensive


4. Cascadia Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow

Do you love to enjoy some late-night TV shows on the weekend? Well, you are not the only one. The majority of the people like to watch their favorite TV shows on the weekend and spend hours in bed while watching TV. But that causes some pain issues and good quality TV watching pillows can solve the issue. This pillow from Cascadia Essentials is such a product.

With most of the TV watching pillows for bed come either in a big size or in a smaller size. The big size is mostly good for men and the smaller size is best for kids. But this Cascadia Essentials comes in the size in between the small and large. This sweet spot of the size makes it comfortable for all. Regardless of gender and age, it fits the person. However, we don’t recommend this pillow for big people.

Ordinary pillows can’t sit in the upright position. But this pillow is built in the upright position with strong back support. While watching TV or reading a book, the back support provides complete support to the back. The discs remain at the right angle and it minimizes the risk of injuries. To provide enough firmness in the pillow, this item comes with ultra-soft shredded memory foam. It retains firmness for a long time.

There is plenty of room in the pillow to make yourself comfortable. Besides the back support, the pillow features two armrests. Place your arms there and hold anything with your hands. Both of the arms rests also have coffee cup holders. While watching TV or reading a book, place your favorite drinks in the cup holder and avoid any mess.

The pillow is covered with a piece of additional fabric. The pillow cover is made of soft grey velour that feels comfy. At the same time, this fabric got a stunning look that matches any home décor. So, while ordering this particular pillow, there is no need of checking for some other colors.

It is a well-finished TV pillow with arms. The stitching quality is great and it is durable enough. Also, the zipper provides the advantage of removing the cover anytime. So, when you need to clean the cover, just detach the pillow and throw it in the machine. It makes maintenance easier.


  • One size fits all – men, women, and kids
  • Ultra-soft memory foam filler to make it comfy
  • Cup holders to avoid mess from drinks like coffee and tea
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Detachable soft grey velour cover


Doesn’t come with a neck roll attachment


5. Vekkia Premium Soft Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Higher Support Arm

Vekkia has a wide range of pillows in its collection. Some of them are inexpensive while some are a bit expensive. If you are looking for something top-quality and pricing is not an issue, this pillow from Vekkia is best for you. This Vekkia pillow is best for people who are looking for full upper body support while watching TV in the bed.

Why are we saying it as a complete solution? Well, most of the pillows to watch TV in bed come in a flat design that supports only the back. But this item is different. It comes with additional neck support. There is a small pillow attached to the main one to provide support to the neck. People with cervical spondylosis will find this pillow comfortable. Also, there are armrests in the pillow to keep the body in a balanced position.

Unlike typical pillows, it will give an extraordinary experience to the user. It comes with soft shredded memory foam cushioning inside. The entire pillow has the same filler material. The headrest pillow bounces back and distributes the weight properly to prevent neck pain, shoulder pain, and similar injuries.

When receiving the product, you will surprisingly see 200gm foam coming with the pillow. This extra foam is to adjust the firmness of the pillow according to need. Simply open up the zipper, either fill more foam or remove some and find the right kind of firmness. This customized setting helps to find the most comfortable sitting position and gives the best support to the spinal cord as well as the neck and shoulder.

 It is so handy and compact. Place the pillow in bed, sofa, floor, or any other place without any issues. Also, the cover is detachable for hassle-free cleaning. When it is time to clean the pillow, simply remove the cover from the pillow and throw it in the machine to give it a gentle wash. Other than that, the memory foam filler retains firmness and lasts longer.


  • Armrests come with pockets to store stuff
  • Complete upper body support with pain relief
  • No need for additional attachment for the neck
  • Easy to clean velvet cover
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors


  • It’s a bit expensive pillow for watching TV in bed

Final Words

Did you go thoroughly to this article? If so, finding the best pillows for watching TV in bed won’t be a struggle anymore. There we have picked 5 pillows on the list. Now you can pick the best one and enjoy your favorite TV shows that match to your requirements.

If you used to struggle with neck or shoulder pain, we recommend choosing a pillow that has additional support for the neck and shoulder.

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