Best Waterproof Outdoor Pillows Reviews in 2023

Outdoor pillows are meant to be waterproof. Why? Because you never know what kind of weather it will be in the upcoming days. The waterproof design of the pillows ensures that they are remaining safe regardless of the weather condition.

It is needless to say that different brands are producing outdoor pillows with water resistance. But finding the best waterproof outdoor pillows at the best price could be a bit time-consuming. You need to go through all the available products to find out which one is offering the best features.

But the good news is, we have already researched to find out the best pillows with water resistance. We have reviewed each of them with details.

List of Top 5 Waterproof Outdoor Pillows Reviewed

After considering all the essential features for outdoor pillows, we have sorted out the top 5 from a bunch of products. Check the details and get the right one for you.


1. Phantoscope 18 x 18 Outdoor Pillow Inserts

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If you want to decorate the outdoor couches or anything, you need the right kind of pillows. A single pillow won’t be enough. In such cases, getting a complete set of outdoor pillows would be great. This Phantoscope pillow insert set is the right kind of item that can meet the requirements. Whether it needs to decorate the chairs or a big bench on the poolside, garden, patio, or similar areas, get these pillows and that would be enough.

Unlike typical outdoor pillows, this item doesn’t come in a too-large size. Each of the inserts comes in an 18″x18″ size, which is enough for outdoor purposes. However, there is no restriction that you can’t use them indoors. Use the pillows wherever it is needed. But remember that the manufacturer also offers smaller sizes and bigger sizes. Check out the details chart of the sizing for the pillow inserts and then pick the right size.

Each of the items comes with polyester microfiber filling that is highly water-resistant. The pillow inserts are sealed with safety stitching that provides maximum protection against water. No matter if you forget to bring the pillows inside the home and sudden rain occurs. They will be fine and usable. Also, the material is allergen-free. So, even if you have sensitive skin, there won’t be any issues. Especially, when there is too much moisture or too much dryness, you will not have any issues with the pillows.

If you are struggling with some physical condition like Cervical Spondylosis, you will feel comfortable with these pillows. When you are lying on the pillow it holds the bodyweight gently and maintains the balance to avoid any kind of pain. Especially for people with back pain issues, we highly recommend this pillow set.


These are only the inserts. Get waterproof outdoor pillow covers with them for total weather protection.  However, it is up to you what you want to do with the pillows. it is totally ok to use these pillows without any covers. But for longevity and dust protection you should always use covers with pillows.


  • Available in different sizes to meet everyone’s need
  • polyester fabric for longevity and easy cleaning
  • High water resistance to using in all weather
  • 4 pillows in the set to decorate the outdoor chairs and beds
  • Vacuum sealed pillow inserts to maintain the natural firmness


  • The sizes are not enough for taller and heavier person


2. MIULEE Pack of 2 Throw Pillow Inserts Decorative Premium Hypoallergenic Pillow


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Are you struggling to find the right pillow to use outdoors? Well, you are not the only one who is struggling with the issues. Especially for the patio chairs and patio beds, you wouldn’t find the right product without deep research. The good thing is, you can use the pillows from MIULEE.

The pillows provide great support in all-weather with the water-resistant exterior. It means once you install the pillows for any outdoor furniture, you don’t have to bring them inside the home. Let them remain in the chair and there won’t be any issues whether it is raining outside or there is a snowfall. Even if you are using the pillows for a poolside bed, they will be safe from water spills. Also, carry them with you while going for any outdoor event like camping or hiking. You won’t have to struggle in bad weather.

The best part about the pillows you are going to love is the comfort. While most outdoor pillows come with only fancy designs, this set is actually great for comfort. They have enough firmness to hold your head and neck gently. Forget about any neck pain or shoulder pain from pillows. You will get the optimal support you want.

This item features 7D fiber filler, which is far better than ordinary pillow fillers. They are skin-friendly and never cause any allergic reaction or discomfort. However, you should keep them clean from dust to get the best out of them.

Here you will get two pillows to install on any outdoor chair or bed. Both of the cushions have the same size and same style. You will find the sizing starting from 12″x12″. You can go for as big as 24″x24″. It is up to you which size do you prefer most. If it is just to decorate the patio chair, we do recommend to for the small size. But if you do have a plan to take nap on the pillow, go for something bigger.

Though this item is relatively cheaper than other products, you can expect to have enough durability and longevity. If you are thinking of using them for years, just use additional waterproof covers to prevent too much dust.


  • Top-quality 7D fiber filler for comfort
  • Highly waterproof to sustain in all weather
  • Smooth stitching and finishing for durability
  • Fluffy and comfortable to prevent neck and shoulder pain
  • Available in a wide range of sizing and different pricing


  • Doesn’t come with the pillow cover
  • Can have an odor in the beginning, which is not a big issue


3. Phantoscope Premium Outdoor Pillow Inserts


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You don’t want to use so-called spill-proof outdoor pillows for patio chairs, gardens, or poolside beds, right? In such a case, just go for this item from Phantoscope. Unlike ordinary outdoor pillows, they are highly water-resistant and don’t require additional support to provide water resistance. You will get two pillows in this set and each pillow will be the same size.

Install the outdoor pillows wherever you want without worrying about the weather. For instance, use the pillows for the garden, patio chairs, benches, and more. If you are planning to carry them while going for an outdoor event, pick a compact size. There won’t be any issues even if there is a sudden rain. So, use them for camping and similar activities.

In today’s world, we are seeing a lot of people who are struggling with neck and shoulder pain. Do you know the majority of people are suffering from the issue because of the wrong selection of pillows? Well, there won’t be such a thing when you are using this item. Each of the pillows comes with a microfiber filler. Once you get this item on hand, let it get fluffy. Now try out under your head and neck and you will feel the difference.

This microfiber polyester material is 100% hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. People with skin issues won’t have to struggle. Though there are no pillow covers with this set, you can use them additionally. For best performance, add waterproof pillow covers.

Nothing to be worried about if you need a custom size of the pillows. It comes in a wide range of sizing to pick from. The sizing starts from 12″x12″ and you can go for up to 24″x24″. By default, you will see the 18″x18″ sizing. From the chart, choose other sizes based on your requirements. We highly recommend going for a bit bigger size to have maximum comfort.

After getting the pillows on hand, check out the stitching and the finishing. You will be satisfied for sure. The stitching is smooth and well-finished. There is no chance of any tearing from the corners. They are durable enough and provide longevity. The only thing you should maintain is keeping these pillows clean from dust and debris. It will help you avoid rashes on the skin.


  • Variable sizes to choose from
  • Doesn’t take much time to get fluffy after opening
  • Compact and handy to use for all outdoor purposes
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable for people with neck pain
  • Polyester fiber filler to retain the firmness for a long time


  • Doesn’t come with waterproof covers


4. OTOSTAR Premium Waterproof Throw Pillow Inserts


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If you are looking for the best waterproof outdoor pillows to decorate the entire setup of outdoor furniture, go for this item. OTOSTAR is offering 4 pillows in this set also at a competitive price. Decorate the whole patio furniture with this pillow set. Each of these pillows is water-resistant and comes in the same size.

Whether you want to take a nap beside the pool or maybe you want to spend time on the patio, these pillows will make you comfortable. These decorative pillows come in a square shape that looks good and feels comfortable. Instead of conventional poly filler, this item features 7D fiber. The benefit of the fiber material is; it retains the firmness even after years.

Wondering what 7D fiber is? Well, the fiber is made of high-quality and pure white virgin cotton. It is a precious material for any kind of pillow. However, the top keeps the inside safe from water. You can add a waterproof cover to each pillow for extra protection.

Compared to traditional pillows, obviously, these are small. But the 18″x18″ size actually is good enough in terms of outdoor furniture. Because you are not going to sleep on outdoor furniture, right? So, make yourself comfortable while lying on the pillows. Also, say goodbye to the neck pain. It gently holds the weight and spread it out to the entire surface to make the user comfortable.

The water-resistance of the pillows is so good that you can even use them while it is raining outside. This feature allows you to carry while going for an outdoor event. For instance, if you are going camping or hiking and want to arrange a comfortable sleeping, take the pillows with you.

The only problem you might notice is, it is taking more time to become fluffy. Most products claim that the pillow will get fluffy within a few hours. But according to the seller, this set will take approximately 60 days to get the fluffiness. To speed up the process, take the pillows out of the bag and let them in the dryer with two tennis balls. Also, if possible, keep the pillows under direct sunlight.

The stitching and the finishing are good. Unlike typical items, there won’t be any damage in the corners. If you keep them clean, you can expect to get the best service for at least a few years.


  • Fits for all outdoor purposes including outdoor events
  • Fluffy and cozy to make the user comfortable
  • Smart size to carry while going outside
  • Highly waterproof to use in all weather and conditions
  • Virgin cotton filler to retain the firmness for longer


  • No sizing chart is available


5. Fixwal 18×18 Inches Outdoor Pillow Inserts


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If you are considering a big set of waterproof pillows at affordable pricing, go for this item. Fixwal is offering 4 pillows in this set. Each of the pillows comes with an 18″x18″ size that is good to use for all purposes. This item comes in a versatile design that you can install for both indoor and outdoor. Whether you use them, they look classy.

The top comes in a cotton design to make it comfortable while the inner has water protective material. It is a decorative item, which means they are suitable for any room in the house. Conveniently use them for bedside chairs, poolside beds, patio furniture, and more. For outdoor usages, you can be worry-free even if there is bad weather. Especially, when going for an outdoor event, the pillows remain safe.

It doesn’t come with the traditional filler. It features 7D hypoallergenic fillers that are suitable for all. you won’t feel any discomfort while lying on it. The polyester microfiber is not only comfortable but also durable. an invisible zipper design has been implemented for the users’ convenience. Compared to conventional pillows, this item has a better bounce-back capacity and medium support.

People who are struggling with neck pain can go for this item without any worry. While placing the head on the pillow, it firmly holds the weight and balances it. The neck and shoulder remain in the right angle and posture to prevent any kind of pain.

After receiving the product, bring it out from the packet and let it remain in a warm place. With time, it will get fluffy and enough firm. Depending on the weather condition, it might take a while to get the final shape. Once it gets the shape, it will retain for years.

Cleaning and maintenance are relatively easy. No particular care is needed. However, if you want to protect the pillows and get better service, use waterproof covers. The finishing is good enough and it will hardly tear in any part.

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  • 7D polyester microfiber filler for durability
  • Bounces back to make it comfortable
  • Decorate design allows to use the pillows anywhere
  • Highly water-resistant to use in all conditions
  • Compact and handy size to carry for outdoor events


  • A bit expensive compared to other products
  • Available only in two sizes


Final Words

Hope this list of best waterproof outdoor pillows, pick any item that matches your requirements. We have done the research before including the above items in the list. So, you can be sure about the quality and the longer life of the pillows. For extra care, we do recommend adding an additional cover for each pillow.

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