How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain Side Sleeper?

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain Side Sleeper?

Neck pain could be very dangerous for any individual. Coping with the pain is very hard. If you are struggling with any sort of neck pain, take the essential steps immediately. If you used to sleep on your side, you can have a comfortable sleeping position by choosing the right pillow.

However, you can’t get relief from the pain with an ordinary pillow. Rather, you need to pick something precisely. Many people get confused while trying to find the right one.

So, how to choose the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper? In this post, we are going to share the essential tips that will help to find the right deal without wasting time on random products.

How Does Pillow Help to Get Rid of Pain?

When you choose a special type of pillow for neck pain, it actually provides the best support to maintain a good posture during sleep. It will keep the shoulder, neck, and head in the right alignment. So, the user will feel comfortable. A good-quality pillow helps a lot in coping with neck pain. Also, the ideal thickness helps to prevent serious issues for the neck.

Things to Consider for the Best Pillow for Neck Pain Side Sleepers

You need to consider some essential things before finalizing a pillow for neck pain. As you are going to follow the side sleeping style, the considerations will be different than the regular way.

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As mentioned earlier, the considerations for the pillow, in this case, will be different. So, instead of anything else, you need to start with the thickness of the pillow.

Most of us have a common habit of using extra-thick pillows for sleeping. It might feel great when you are sleeping on an extra-thick pillow. But ultimately it will cause some serious issues to the neck.

The problem with the extra thickness is, it doesn’t maintain the natural alignment of the neck and shoulder. As a result, users quickly develop neck and shoulder pain. It could be cervical spondylosis or any similar issues. Especially for the side sleepers, the extra thickness could be very harmful.

When choosing the pillow for neck pain, check out the thickness of the pillow. Check the product description to know what is the exact dimension of that particular pillow. To avoid pain in the neck and get rid of previous pain, always pick a pillow that’s height is the same as the distance between shoulder to neck height.

This exact thickness makes it easy for side sleepers to cope with the pain in the neck. The best part is, regular usage of such kinds of pillows helps to get rid of chronic pain.

Filler Material

If you know which height best suits you, the next thing you should consider is the filler material. Remember that even if you spend hundreds of bucks for a single pillow and it doesn’t have good filler, you won’t feel comfortable.

Different filler materials are now common in the market. Here we have described each one with details so that you know which one would be better for you.

Organic Cotton – If you have a small to moderate budget for the pillow, you will get the cotton as filler for the pillow. If it is organic cotton, the pillow is going to feel comfortable. But organic cotton loses its firmness over time. So, you shouldn’t expect to use the same pillow for a long time while choosing a pillow with cotton filler.

Poly Filler – The poly filler material is now trending. Most renowned pillow manufacturing companies are now bringing pillows with poly filler material. It is a kind of cotton but with some extra features. The benefit of the filler is; it doesn’t lose its firmness rapidly. With a new pillow that uses poly filler, you can expect to use it for at least one year.

Memory Foam – Though memory foam or foam material is not so common for pillows, you will still find it on some pillows. If you consider the comfort and support for the neck, memory foam material as filler is great. You should, however, check the thickness of the pillow before buying. Because too thick a pillow won’t do any good to you.

Cooling Gel Technology – It is an advanced technology for pillows. The gel material inside the pillow makes it easy to cope up with neck pain. It is best to use a gel cooling technology pillow when the weather is too warm.

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The next thing you must consider is the weight of the pillow. Well, when we are talking about the weight of pillows, you might wonder why weight does matter for pillows! Actually, the extra weight of the pillow comes from the material used inside the pillow.

Remember that top-quality pillows are used to be lightweight even if they have a large size. The extra weight used to come from low-quality and cheap materials. So, when ordering the pillow, check the product page to know details about the weight.

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The size of the pillow shouldn’t be the same for everyone. One who has a thin body may need a small pillow. On the other hand, big guys need to use larger pillows. However, the too large pillow feels uncomfortable when side sleeping. Because you need to keep your hands free and on the bed. It is only possible when you have chosen the pillow based on your height and body shape.


The final thing to consider in a pillow for neck pain side sleeper is the casing. No matter whichever pillow you buy, it will come with a casing. If you don’t want to take the hassle of maintenance, buy a good-quality pillow that offers a waterproof cover. Or, choose a pillow that comes with a machine washable casing. It will save you time.

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Wrapping Up

Now you should have a clear idea of how to choose the best pillow for neck pain side sleepers. Just follow the buying guide that we have shared. Always consider your body shape and sleeping style while choosing a new pillow. If you have some other issues along with neck pain, we highly recommend consulting a doctor.


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