How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

The number of people struggling with neck pain is increasing day by day. The situation is very alarming and you should be careful in the earlier days. If you already have some sort of pain in the neck area, you must consider a good pillow while you are sleeping or taking a nap.

Though most of us consider only the wrong sitting posture causes the issue, that’s not all. The pillow for sleeping plays a major role in terms of neck pain. The good thing is, you can overcome the issue by doing research and picking the best pillow for neck pain.

But how to choose the best pillow for neck pain is a critical question to answer. In this article, we are going to share a detailed buying guide for the best pillow to use when someone has neck pain.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Pillow for Neck Pain

Here are the mandatory things that you need to consider while trying to grab the most comfortable pillow for neck pain.

Sleeping Style

The very first thing you need to consider for a pillow is how you are going to sleep on it. Because a side sleeper and a back sleeper don’t need the same size or same shaped pillow. So, we can consider three different sleeping styles based on the sleeping positions – side sleeper, back sleeper, and stomach sleepers.

If you are a back sleeper, the pillow shape and size need to match with the lower body’s position. The pillow doesn’t need to be too thick or too high. It needs to have a slightly higher thickness so that the body feels comfortable. It helps to keep the neck and shoulder in the proper alignment.

For side sleepers, the pillow thickness needs to match the height between the head and the shoulder. This thickness ensures that the head and neck position is remaining perfect while sleeping.

For stomach sleepers, the pillow should be a bit thin to provide the proper support. However, sleeping on the stomach is not recommended for anyone. Only go for this position if it is mandatory.

Filler of the Pillow

No matter how much money you want to spend on a pillow if you don’t know which material is best for you. Yes, I am talking about the pillow filler material. The filler is the main thing that makes a pillow comfortable. So, if you want to get the maximum from a pillow, you must check the filler before you buy. There are some particular filler materials you will see in most pillows.

The most common pillow filler is organic cotton. The specialty of this material is, it is helpful to get rid of any kind of neck pain. However, the thickness of the pillow needs to match the user’s requirements. But the downside of this material is, it loses its firmness within a very short period of time. But if you are okay with that, this filler material is great for neck pain.

The next common material in some expensive pillows is poly filler. Though it looks the same as the cotton material, the firmness of this material is better than cotton. Poly filler material doesn’t lose its firmness over time. instead, it remains the same and adapts to the users’ sleeping style and sleeping position.

Foam material or memory foam material is also common for pillows nowadays. Among the ordinary foam material and memory foam material, memory foam is far better. It is a well-known material for pillows and mattresses. If your doctor recommends you sleep on a memory foam bed, you can combine a memory foam pillow with the bed for the best output.

If you want to feel relaxed as well as comfortable with the pillow, go for a gel cushioning material. However, the gel cushion filler is so expensive that most people won’t be able to afford it. But if you have a good budget, it will be worth buying.

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Casing Material of the Pillow

Do you know what casing means for pillows? Well, it is not like a traditional casing for anything. The casing of the pillow is often known as a cover. Wondering why the cover is important? Well, if you use the same pillow every day, the cover will easily get dirty and you shouldn’t continue that pillow at that time. So, prefer a pillow that comes with easy-to-wash material. It should be machine washable so that you don’t have to take some extra hassle.

Size and Thickness of the Pillow

The size and the thickness of the pillow play a major role when it comes to neck pain. The pillow shouldn’t be too big or too small. Because in both cases, the pain in the neck will get worse. So, we recommend checking the sizing and the thickness before ordering to prevent neck pain.

The thickness of the pillow shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Also, consider the sleeping position for the thickness as mentioned earlier.

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If you are buying the pillow from a physical store, you can take it in your hand and assume the weight. If it is an online store, you can check the product description and know the actual weight of the pillow. Never buy a pillow that is too heavy. Because too heavy means it comes with a poor quality filler material. However, if it is a foam or memory foam pillow, a bit of extra weight is okay.

Recommended by the Manufacturer

If possible, check the product description and find out if the manufacturer is recommending the pillow for neck pain. Sometimes manufacturer companies design certain types of pillows that are good for certain purposes.

Price of the Pillow

The final thing you need to consider is the price of the pillow. It is really up to you how much you want to spend on a high-quality pillow that is best for neck pain. But we recommend keeping a good budget as neck pain is a very sensitive issue.

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Benefits of Using Special Pillow for Neck Pain

  • The pillow maintains the proper alignment for the neck
  • It helps to get rid of chronic neck pain
  • A special neck pain pillow makes it easy to cope with the pain
  • Doesn’t require much care for the pillow
  • Helps to overcome neck pain as well as back pain issues

Tips to Maintain the Pillow for Neck Pain

  • Never use a pillow that lost its firmness to prevent neck pain
  • If using a pillow with organic cotton material, place it under sunlight each month
  • Make sure you are keeping the pillow clean
  • Always prefer to use the right size of the pillow

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 Wrapping Up

Whenever trying to find out the best pillow for neck pain, simply follow the things that we have discussed here. Consider each of the features that we have shared. Make sure you are not buying a pillow just because of its fancy design.



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