How to Choose the Best Pillow Like a Pro?

How to Choose the Best Pillow Like a Pro?

Whether you would be comfortable in the bed or not greatly depends on the type of pillow. You need to be precise while trying to get a new pillow. Why? Because which pillow is best for you is related to several factors.

The problem is there are tons of types of pillows in the market.  Each one might have some unique features. So, how to choose the best pillow for you?  This guide is all about choosing the right kind of pillow.

No matter if you are a side sleeper or straight, or if you have neck problems, you can follow the guide.


Features to Consider for the Best Pillow

If you really care about the quality of the pillow, consider the following features while ordering a new pillow for your bedroom –

Sleeping Style

People like to sleep in different styles. Based on the sleeping position, we can divide it into 3 different styles – Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. so, when you are trying to buy the best pillow, you need to consider the sleeping style.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is known as the healthiest. In the side sleeping position, the spinal cord used to remain in the right alignment. But if the pillow comes in the wrong size, it could cause several health issues. The pillow should be supportive to your neck and shoulder so that when sleeping in the side position the spinal cord remains in the right posture. For this, you should consider a pillow that doesn’t have too much thickness. The width of the pillow should be from shoulder to neck.

Back Sleepers – The benefit of back sleeping is, your spinal cord naturally remains in the right alignment unless you are using the wrong mattress. So, what do you need? You need to maintain the firmness of the pillow and the height of the pillow. A too-thin pillow can hold the head too low, which can cause neck pain. Again, too much thickness could cause shoulder pain. So, you need to pick a pillow that actually keeps the shoulder, and the neck in the right position.

Stomach Sleepers – First of all, sleeping on your stomach is bad for your posture.  Also, it can cause digestive issues. When you are sleeping on your stomach, no matter how good the pillow is, still you have the wrong alignment of the spinal cord. Yet, you can minimize the risk by choosing the right pillow with the right kind of materials. Still, if you want to sleep in this position, you should pick a pillow that comes with less thickness compared to the regular sizes. This will help to reduce the pressure on the shoulder and neck area.

Filler Material

Suppose you are struggling to find the right pillow for you and you have asked one of your friends how to choose the best pillow. The most probable answer is to choose the pillow based on firmness. Well, indeed firmness is one of the crucial factors for a new pillow. But it depends on the type of filler used in the pillow. The most common types of filler you will find are –


If cleaning the below is one of your biggest concerns you can go for the polyfill pillow. Almost all brands bring polyfill pillows that are machine washable. so when you want to clean the pillow it becomes easy. just throw the pillow inside the washing machine and it will be cleaned and ready for next use.

Considering the firmness of polyfill pillows, they are good for your posture. So, a polyfill is a kind of synthetic polyester fiber that feels soft and comfortable. The benefit is this kind of Fila is used to sustain for longer. also, the pillow doesn’t lose its firmness too early. You will also find some pillows that come with a mixture of polyfill and similar materials.


Foam as filler in pillows is common. But, the kind of foam may vary. The most common kinds of foam for pillows are latex foam, or memory foam, polyfoam, and more. If you are looking for something inexpensive, regular foam filler for the pillow would be good. But you can try latex foam, memory foam, and other forms as well. The only drawback is; you can’t wash the foam filler pillow. You need to clean it dry.


The next popular kind of material for sleeping pillows is kapok. It comes from a natural source. Like organic cotton, it comes from a tree. The filler is known for its natural firmness. Regardless of the age of the pillow, it holds firmness. No matter which kind of sleeping position you like most, you will find kapok is a good material for you. It is so breathable that you will feel comfortable in all weather. However, cleaning the pillow could be a nightmare. You can’t wash the pillow. Also, sometimes you might have to place the pillow under direct sunlight to keep its natural firmness.

Feather and Down Blends – People used to know this kind of filler as feathers. Well, the majority of the material comes from feathers, particularly duck feathers. The inner plumage of geese combines with down to make it more comfortable and increase the firmness. If you want to give the best kind of sleeping arrangement to your head and neck, go for the combo. They can easily last long enough. The typical life length of such pillows is 5-10 years. However, the feather quality must need to be good enough to serve the best. For this, we do recommend buying the pillow from a good brand.


Have you ever heard about buckwheat pillows? This is the kind of pillow that comes with buckwheat filler. It is great for sleeping or taking a nap. The origin of the material is Asia. Buckwheat pillows are great for rigid necks. Also, it could help you to get relief from neck pain. Especially, if you are struggling with cervical spondylitis, it could be the best one for you. However, before giving it a try for neck pain, we suggest consulting with your physician.

Cooling Gel

Compared to conventional pillow materials, cooling gel is new. But this material is super helpful if you want to have a sound sleep at night. Especially, if you are going to sleep on a hot summer day, it will help to release the temperature from your body fast and you will be relaxed. The benefit is, it is breathable and feels super comfy. However, the longevity of the pillow mostly depends on the quality of the cooling gel. So, be aware of the quality.

Casing Materials

When you are sleeping eight hours long, the pillow should pass enough air inside. It is only possible with a breathable pillow. Besides the filler, the casing also plays a good role in breathability. Various options are available in the market. Cotton, wool, poly thread, Eucalyptus Fiber, copper and silver infusion, and more. For overall comfort, the cotton casing is great. On the other hand, if you want to have a sound sleep in winter, go for the wool. Silver and copper infusion is relatively a new thing and it could be helpful for the sleeper. Other than that, you can try different materials to find out your perfect match.

Size of the Pillow

Imagine everything gone well – you have chosen the best pillow with high-quality filler, topnotch casing, and more. But still, it is essential to consider the size of the pillow. If your height is average and you are a side sleeper, the shoulder to neck height should be at least 4 to 6 inches. You can go for more depending on your need. For taller people, we suggest buying pillows with at least 8 to 10 inches of height from shoulder to neck.


If you are not ready to spend enough on a new pillow, you shouldn’t expect much from the pillow. Remember that the pillow is going to help you in a sound sleep, which is essential for an active day. So, be sure to keep a decent budget. We recommend keeping it at least around $50.


Wrapping Up

Now you know how to choose the best pillow. Consider the features and pick the best item for you. Besides all the related things, keep the comfort at the top. You won’t feel any good unless the pillow is comfy. Also, if you have neck and shoulder pain, be extra careful when ordering a new pillow.

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