What Size Are Euro Pillows? A Comprehensive Guide

What Size Are Euro Pillows?

If you’ve ever marveled at the perfectly styled beds in luxury hotels or interior design magazines, chances are you’ve noticed Euro pillows. These square-shaped pillows add a touch of elegance and coziness to any bed. But what size are Euro pillows, and how do you choose the right size for your needs? Let’s dive into the details.

What Are Euro Pillows?


Euro pillows, named for their European origin, are square-shaped pillows used for both decorative and functional purposes. Unlike the more common rectangular bed pillows, Euro pillows are usually square and add a different aesthetic to your bedroom or living area.

Why is Size Important?

Knowing the size of your Euro pillows is crucial for both aesthetic balance and functional application. The size you choose can affect everything from comfort to design cohesion. Read on to find out how. Are you interested know Squishmallow  pillow Sizes?


Standard Euro Pillow Size

What are the Dimensions?

A standard Euro pillow generally measures 26 x 26 inches. That’s approximately 66 x 66 cm for those of you using the metric system.

How are They Used?

The standard Euro pillow is versatile. Its 26-inch square size is often used as a backrest for reading in bed or watching television. Additionally, they are commonly used to fill shams for decorative purposes, especially in large beds like Queen and King sizes.

Euro Sham Size

What Size are Euro Shams?

Euro shams are the decorative covers designed for Euro pillows. They generally measure around 28 x 28 inches or 71 x 71 cm, giving a little extra room to accommodate the pillow insert easily.

How Do Euro Shams Differ from Euro Pillows?

While the purpose of a Euro pillow is often functional comfort, Euro shams are more about aesthetics. They act as decorative covers that can be easily removed for washing. The subtle size difference ensures that the sham fits snugly over the pillow without bunching up.

Other Euro Pillow Sizes

What Other Sizes are Available?

While 26 x 26 inches is the standard, Euro pillows do come in other sizes. You’ll find smaller options like 24 x 24 inches or even larger sizes such as 30 x 30 inches.

What are These Sizes Used For?

Smaller sizes are often used for smaller beds or as accent pillows on sofas. Larger Euro pillows are more commonly found in grander settings, such as luxurious master bedrooms or elaborate lounge areas.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Euro Pillow

Consider Your Bed Size

The size of your bed will play a significant role in determining the appropriate Euro pillow size. For Queen and King beds, standard-sized Euro pillows are often the go-to choice.

Consider Aesthetics

The number, size, and arrangement of your Euro pillows can dramatically affect the visual balance of your room. Make sure to consider other design elements like the color scheme, textures, and patterns when choosing your pillows.

Think About Your Needs

Are you using the Euro pillows for back support? Will they be mainly decorative? Your specific needs will also guide you in choosing the right size.


Understanding the dimensions and applications of Euro pillows can greatly enhance your living or sleeping area. Whether you’re after that magazine-worthy bed setup or looking for functional comfort, the right Euro pillow size can make all the difference.

Remember to consider the standard size, as well as other variations like Euro sham size, when making your selection. The right size can elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding the Dimensions of Euro Pillows Size

What is a Euro Pillow?

A Euro pillow is a square-shaped pillow that originated in Europe. Its primary roles include aesthetic enhancement of living spaces and functional support for activities like reading or watching TV in bed.

What are the Standard Dimensions of a Euro Pillow?

A standard Euro pillow measures 26 x 26 inches or approximately 66 x 66 cm. These dimensions have been engineered to provide optimal surface area for both aesthetic appeal and functional utility.

What is a Euro Sham?

A Euro sham is a decorative cover for a Euro pillow. It is generally designed to be slightly larger than the pillow itself, often measuring 28 x 28 inches or 71 x 71 cm. This size difference allows for an easier fit and prevents the sham from appearing too tight.

Are There Variations in Euro Pillow Sizes?

Yes, Euro pillows can come in various sizes aside from the standard 26 x 26 inches. These range from smaller versions like 24 x 24 inches to larger ones measuring up to 30 x 30 inches.

Can Euro Pillows Serve as Sleep Pillows?

While primarily designed for back support and decorative purposes, Euro pillows are not specifically engineered for sleep ergonomics. Their square shape may not provide adequate neck support during sleep.

How Do I Choose the Right Euro Pillow Size?

Selection of the appropriate Euro pillow size should consider several variables such as bed size, intended functional use, and design aesthetic. For larger beds like Queen or King sizes, the standard 26 x 26-inch pillow is often suitable.

Does Euro Pillow Size Impact Interior Design?

In terms of interior design philosophy, the square geometry of Euro pillows can lend a sense of balance and symmetry to a room. The size you choose will influence this aesthetic impact.

How Does Euro Pillow Size Affect Heat Dissipation?

A larger Euro pillow, with its greater surface area to volume ratio, is likely to dissipate heat more efficiently. This is an essential consideration for prolonged use.

Do I Need Special Pillowcases for Euro Pillows?

Standard rectangular pillowcases will not fit a square Euro pillow. You will need to purchase or make Euro shams that match the dimensions of your chosen Euro pillow size.

Why is Knowing the Dimensions of Euro Pillows Important?

Understanding the dimensions of Euro pillows allows you to make informed choices both functionally and aesthetically. Incorrectly sized pillows can compromise both comfort and design integrity.

By familiarizing yourself with these essential aspects of Euro pillow dimensions, you can better tailor your selections to meet both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

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